Hack Upstate X
Build, Break, Collaborate
October 7th - 8th, 2017
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We're fortunate to have a tremendous group of sponsors who are instrumental to our mission.


Thanks to our awesome sponsors for generously contributing the following prizes

Grand Prize


  • $500.00 USD

Runner Up


  • $200.00 USD

Best Datacuse Hack

Syracuse Pothole Twitter Bot

  • $100.00 USD

Best Hardware Hack

Grounded Locks

  • $100.00 USD


We're fortunate to have an awesome panel of judges!

Mike Vormwald

Sam Edelstein

James Shomar

Ryan Gaus

Judging Criteria

Here's how we decide upon the winners

25% - Originality & Creativity & Novelty

Is the project new and something that hasn't been attempted before? How does this approach a unique solution to a problem?

25% - Wow Factor

Subjective and buzz-wordy, huh? That's what makes it fun :) We know you have something up your sleeve that's going to knock our socks off!

25% - Polish / Design / Execution

Did your team successfully execute your project concept? Is it usable? Does it work? Is it well designed? Is the user experience smooth?

25% - Demo / Presentation

You'll have 2-3 minutes for a demo to tell the judges about your project, followed by a Q/A. We're interested in the problems you solved, API's you leveraged, technologies used, and lessons learned. We recommend a quick powerpoint.

25% - Multidisciplinary project (20%)

We encourage and applaud interdisciplinary projects fueled by eclectic teams with diverse backgrounds.


Questions? We have answers. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.